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THE "BUDDLEIA" are earrings mounted onthe or 18K GF.

A magnificent pearl ofYELLOW AVENTURINE comes to sublimate them, an unusual stone that forms in certain plutonic rocks, especially in pegmatites, and in hydrothermal veins.


On a physical level...

It helps to treat skin diseases and stress-related skin conditions, such as eczema, by playing on the acceleration of healing and cell regeneration thanks to its high silica content.
Aventurine is also good for the eyes, it soothes eye fatigue, especially when using screens. It also reduces headaches and other headaches. It promotes the proper functioning of certain organs such as the liver and the stomach, which many consider to be the second brain. In this way, the stone prevents excess harmful substances in the body and helps maintain good homeostasis.


In terms of energy...

Aventurine has the ability to absorb negative waves and harmful emissions of all kinds, such as electromagnetic and electric waves or telluric waves coming from underground rivers that cross the surface of the globe. In lithotherapy, one of the main powers of aventurine is to calm the mind and the body: it develops open-mindedness, breaks down the barriers of our mind and prejudices. Also, it promotes decision-making and helps to make the right choice when we are faced with several alternatives: very useful when we are faced with complex situations or when we have difficulty in carrying out our projects.
With its calming effect, Aventurine increases energy flow and vibrational frequency. It is a stone that helps us take a step back when we find ourselves in confusing situations or love problems.


N.B: Lithotherapy does not in any way replace a follow-up with your referring doctor, the same goes for any drug treatment whatsoever. 

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