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THE "COLUMBINE" are earrings mounted onthe or 18K GF.

A magnificent pearl ofHOWLITE comes to sublimate them, a stone used by the American Indians in shamanic rituals, in particular to cure certain diseases.


On a physical level...

One of the main properties of howlite stone is to reduce everyday stress, which in the long term can cause damage to the body. Place under your pillow, it helps you fall asleep especially if the stress comes from mental hyperactivity: it is a powerful soothing and calming stone.Polished, the polished howlite stone helps to strengthen the bones and to sublimate the nails and hair, it also makes the skin more toned. Similarly, white howlite stone strengthens tooth enamel and relieves toothache. It is equally effective for both old and young people. It acts mainly on the liver and stomach and is also a good aid in diets, for people who want to lose weight:  ;its diuretic action helps to drain and purify the body.


In terms of energy...

The howlite stone has a very effective stabilizing property: it helps restore coherence in one's feelings, improves the sense of responsibility and dispels panic fears, it confers discernment in daily situations and helps to make the right decisions. by putting aside all useless and negative thoughts to focus on your feelings and intuition. The howlite allows you to have a clearer vision of important choices and to move towards success and happiness. Very spiritual stone, it helps to connect to one's inner strength and facilitates access to past lives through dreams: it reinforces the positive that is in you and encourages you to be more tolerant, it fights anxiety caused by work too stressful, a complicated family situation or recurring daily problems and prevents burnout and burnout by bringing peace and calm.


N.B: Lithotherapy does not in any way replace a follow-up with your referring doctor, the same goes for any drug treatment whatsoever. 

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