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THE "AGAPANTHE" are earrings mounted onthe or 18K GF.

A beautiful pearl ofLEPIDOLITE comes to sublimate them. It is a stone rich in rare chemical elements such as lithium, cesium and rubidium, but it is the manganese that gives the stone its beautiful lilac color.


On a physical level...

In lithotherapy, one of the properties of lithium-rich lepidolite is to absorb parasitic energies, such as electromagnetic waves from computers, antennas and cell phones. With its powerful calming properties, the pink stone is conducive falling asleep and restoring sleep. Rose Lepidolite has the power to alleviate personality disorders and mood swings caused by addictions: Stone recommended for people with bipolar disorder . This stone is concentrated in rare chemical elements: it helps to restore radiance to the skin and to purify it as well as the superficial connective tissue and also strengthens the immune system.


In terms of energy...

Lepidolite is a stone of peace and tranquility: it calms negative thoughts, sadness and worries and helps to fight compulsive behaviors and social phobias such as agoraphobia.

This purple mica sharpens concentration and analytical skills. It helps to make good decisions, whether personal or professional.

It is a stabilizing stone that harmonizes different energies. Like many other purple minerals, lepidolite develops spirituality, promotes soul development, facilitates meditation, and promotes inner peace and harmony. self-confidence.


N.B: Lithotherapy does not in any way replace a follow-up with your referring doctor, the same goes for any drug treatment whatsoever. 

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