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THE "VIBURNUM" are earrings mounted on925 silver.

A beautiful pearl of SERPENTINE comes to sublimate them. In lithotherapy, it is considered a stone of healing, balance and mysterious protection.


On a physical level...

The serpentine acts on the whole of the body by helping it to find a certain general balance, its vibratory power supports the good regeneration of the cells. This is an excellent crystal for people with diabetes, supporting related treatments and preventing hypoglycaemia.

It is also recommended for people suffering from migraines.


In terms of energy...

The serpentine stone has great spiritual and protective power. It promotes a sense of responsibility and protects against negative influences. It will also enhance relaxation, calm flow of thoughts and deconstruction of limiting thoughts.


N.B: Lithotherapy does not in any way replace a follow-up with your referring doctor, the same goes for any drug treatment whatsoever. 

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