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THE "DISA" are earrings mounted onthe or 18K GF.

Beautiful pearls fromPHRENITIS accompany them. Perfect stone to structure your thoughts and achieve your goals. 


On a physical level...

By stimulating the metabolism, the prehnite stone prevents fat storage. It can then be used in the event of diets, in order to boost weight loss. It balances the lymphatic and circulatory system. With its cleansing and purifying properties, it relieves kidney and bladder disorders. It can therefore calm urinary disorders and relieve joint pain.

In addition, it promotes the strengthening and reconstruction of bones. It is therefore particularly suitable for growing children and the elderly or those who have suffered a fracture, whose bones are weakened.


In terms of energy...

Considered a “healing” stone, it provides powerful protection to its wearer. Beneficial for the soul, it calms the mind, especially in tense situations: it helps to fight against fears and anxieties, and wards off bad dreams. Its soothing effect will thus be beneficial to people suffering from chronic sadness and emotional blockages. It brings an optimistic state of mind and encourages you to live in the present moment.


N.B: Lithotherapy does not in any way replace a follow-up with your referring doctor, the same goes for any drug treatment whatsoever.

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